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Call forwarding

SFU local to cell phone numbers

SFU desk phones to cell phone numbers (on campus)

  • To turn call forwarding on from your SFU local: dial * 8-9-778-xxx-xxxx
  • To turn call forwarding off from your SFU local: dial # 8

Other SFU Local to cell phone numbers (off campus)

  • Email
  • Include your cellular phone number and SFU Computing ID

SFU local to Bria numbers

  • From your SFU local dial: * 8- 2x-xxx (five digit Bria local)
  • From your SFU local: dial #8

Bria to SFU desk phones or cell phones

  • Call forwarding is not available

Mitel Voice mail

Mitel Voice Mail access from off campus

To access your SFU voice mail from off campus, please dial in to your SFU local 778-782-xxxx, as soon as you hear your voice greeting comes on press * key and enter your voice mail password.

Receiving voicemails via email

Receive an email notification with the message attached when a caller leaves a voice mail message.

On campus only

To enable this, click here.  

  1. Click accept
  2. Select “Yes” when asked “Do you want to proceed?”
  3. Use your 5-digit phone number as your Mailbox number and your 6-digit voice mail password as your Passcode.
  4. Click the Settings tab
  5. Enter your SFU email address on the box beside "Standard UM SMTP Email Address:" and " Standard UM WebView Email Address:"
  6. Click the Save button at the top to store your settings.

Off campus

  • Email
  • Include your SFU local number and vm password

Additional features

  • Receive a faxed document through your voice mail as a PDF attachment to your e-mail notification. To allow this feature, calls from a fax machine must go through to your voice mail. If you answer a call from a fax machine, press the transfer key, dial 8-1-xxxxx (x's being your 5-digit local), hang up.
  • Record 4 different greetings and select which greeting should play at any given time through the above web page.
  • Set up an attendant, i.e. "... press '0' and your call will be redirected" ... to the local you assign in the box under "Personal Attendant Preferences".

Set up an account

Install Bria numbers

Set up Primus Conferencing account

  1. Moderator name
  2. Department name
  3. Moderator's SFU email address
  4. Moderator's SFU local
  5. GL account code for charges