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When printing from your computer, print jobs will now be automatically sent to centralized queue. You will no longer need to specify which device you would like to print to. The print jobs can be released at any SFU Print device by tapping your HID key fob/card on the card reader or logging in. The key fob/card will also be used to access photocopying or scanning options at the device.

1. Find your nearest SFU Print device and login via HID Key Fob/Card, SFU Computing ID, or PaperCut ID #:

HID Key Fob/Card

Tap your HID key fob/card on the card reader to authenticate yourself. If this is your first time authenticating, you will need to login with your SFU Computing ID and password to link your key fob/card to your account.

Don't have a key fob? Click here for more information on how to obtain and setup a key fob

SFU Computing ID

Select the "Username and password" option and login with your SFU Computing ID and Password.

PaperCut ID #

Select the "ID number" option and enter your PaperCut ID #.

If you do not have a PaperCut ID #, you can generate a 5-digit PaperCut ID # that you can use to log into any SFU Print device. 

1. Go to SFU PaperCut Staff. You may get a warning indicating that your connection is not private. Click Advanced > Proceed to   

2. Log in with your SFU Computing ID and Password.

3. On the left navigation bar, select "Change Details."

4. Select "Generate number." This will generate a unique 5-digit Paper ID # for you. You can re-generate as many times as you like. Note: If you are doing confidential printing, we do not recommend you to generate the 5-digit code. If you have already generated one and would like it removed, please contact IT Services. 

2. Once logged in, you can  release your prints, copy, scan and fax (depending on the model). For more information on using SFU Print, please refer to the how-to guides

Please note that print jobs will be held in the queue for 8 hours before they are deleted. 

3. When you are done, log out of the machine by tapping your key fob on the card reader or pressing "Log out" at the top right hand corner. If you forget, the device will automatically log you out after a short period of inactivity.

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