Key Features

Below are a few exciting new features to look forward to with the implementation of SFU Print.

Print to any SFU Print device

Faculty and staff can print to any SFU Print device located in their department at any campus with no additional setup required. When you print from your computer, the print job will enter a centralized queue and you can go to the nearest SFU Print device to release the job. Please note that print jobs will only be held in the queue for 8 hours before they are deleted. 

Secure & Sustainable Printing

Have you ever accidentally printed the wrong file? How about forgetting to pick up your print job?

SFU Print will reduce the number of wrong, wasted, or forgotten prints by holding all print jobs in a centralized queue until released. This also secures all print job, ensuring that only you see the documents you are printing. 

100% Colour MFD Fleet

All SFU Print devices have colour printing capabilities, but will default to printing in black and white. Colour printing on SFU Print devices is 3x more economical than on a desktop colour printer.

New Reporting Capabilities

PaperCut is an embedded print management software with reporting capabilities that can provide reports on print volume and cost breakdowns by user, print savings from unreleased print jobs, and environmental statistics such as trees consumed and CO2 produced from prints.