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Simon Fraser University has signed an agreement with Adobe Corporation for the use of two of Adobe's most popular products on the university's computers.  

These are Creative Suite and Acrobat.  Acrobat is the software that allows for the viewing, creation and editing of PDF documents.  Creative Suite is a collection of Adobe tools, which includes Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop and several more.

The agreement is for a large number of licenses, and runs until SFU fiscal year end in 2020.


Fonts are handled differently in Creative Suite 2019 than they were previously. Most users are accustomed to installing system fonts, and accesing them that way. Creative Suite 2019 leverages user fonts, and they are activated by nature of their online font repository called TypeKit. Fonts are installed for your user profile on your given computer. Whenever you move computers, the fonts you have activated become available there, too. This way you'll always have the collateral you need to do you creative work.

Where do I get them?

Well there's this link. That's the page on Adobe's site where you search for, and activate fonts. You'll have to log in using your Adobe Enterprise ID. There's also a link to Fonts in your Creative Cloud desktop application on your Mac (menu, top) or Windows PC (notification area, bottom).


Remember to click "Enterprise ID" each time you log in to Adobe's services:


Once you're in the TypeKit portal, you'll be able to activate fonts å la carte: