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PaperCut is the account-based cost recovery print management system used in the IT Services student computer labs across all SFU campuses. Student printing is structured to cover the costs of paper, toner, printer leasing and maintenance. All students, faculty and staff with a balance in their ‘cash’ funds can print to the student computer labs.

Cash loader passwords are limited to 16 characters and passwords cannot contain the following characters < > & " '

NOTE: Duplex is the default printing format in the computer labs.

Where is printing available?

Printing is available at the Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campuses in the following locations:

  • Burnaby Campus: Rooms AQ 3144, AQ 3148 and WMC 2502.
  • Burnaby Campus: Bennett Library.
  • Surrey Campus: Rooms SC 2300, SC 3064, SC 3355, SC Library 3620
  • Vancouver Campus: Rooms HCC1340, HCC1350

Print kiosks are set up in each room and clearly identified.

Dining Hall printing is supported by Residence Dining Hall Services. Students who wish to use the Dining Hall printer must be registered in the SFU Meal Plan.

Contact Dining Hall Manager to register in the meal plan and be added to the access control list for the printer, i.e. meal-plan-student-list.

How do I use the new print service?

Printing requires funds in your 'Cash' account. Sign in to SFU Managed Print Service to check the balance of your account.

Please note: Web print function is unavailable at this time.

Select File > Print and choose monochrome or colour print queue. Note: Duplex is the default print setting.

Burnaby Campus

  • New Lab Mono
  • New Lab Colour
  • DiningHall (requires funds in Dining Hall FM account)

Surrey Campus

  • New Surrey Mono
  • New Surrey Colour

Vancouver Campus

  • New Van Mono
  • New Van Colour

Where and how do I add money to my PaperCut account?

NOTE: Problems with credit card payments can only be resolved by contacting your credit card company. IT Services has no control over Moneris business processes.

A shortcut on the student computer lab desktop will load the student printing FAQ.

Cash loaders are available in:

  • Burnaby - AQ3148, Library 3rd floor
  • Surrey - Mezzanine, on pillar outside drop-in lab 2300
  • Vancouver Main floor computer labs room HCC1300

Cost of printing in IT Services student computer labs:

  • Monochrome printing $0.11/side
  • Colour (AQ 3148) $0.25/side
  • Colour (Lib 3rd Floor) $0.35/side


Cash loader passwords are limited to 16 characters and passwords cannot contain the following characters < > & " '

Funds added to a printing account cannot be withdrawn afterwards; refunds are not issued.

Remaining Cash balances can be transferred to another person on campus.

Temporary accounts issued by the Library have access to Papercut printing system.

How do I install client and print from my laptop or notebook?

Setup wireless printing for Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Note: Printers are already installed on the IT Services lab and Library computers. These instructions are for laptops, notebooks, and notepads only.

Note: Dining Hall printer and computer lab printer can both be installed on laptop or notebook. Dining Hall printing funds cannot be used for lab printing.

Students must be enrolled in SFU Meal Plan and a registered member of the 'meal-plan-student-list' to access Dining Hall printing. Contact the Dining Hall Manager for enrollment in the SFU Meal Plan.  

Note: The Mac will ask you to enter your username and password for the printer and to "Remember this password in my keychain". Use your SFU credentials and not the computer account. The message "Holding for Authentication" will be displayed if the local computer account is stored/used.

Edit the OSX Keychain and modify the entry associated with the printer.

Where can I print?

Burnaby Campus:

  • Room AQ3148
  • Room AQ3144
  • Bennett Library 3rd Floor
  • Room WMC2502
  • Cash loader located in room AQ3148 and Bennett Library 3rd Floor

Surrey Campus:

  • Galleria level 3
    • SC2300
    • SC3064
    • SC3355
  • Surrey Library
    • SC3620
  • Cash loader located in mezzanine in pillar outside drop-in lab 2300

Vancouver Campus:

  • Room HCC1300
  • Room HCC2960
  • Room HCC7050
  • Cash loader located in room HCC1300

Where do I get help with printing?

Help for printing can be found at these locations:

Burnaby Campus

  • IT Service Desk in P9300 (Southeast corner of AQ)
    • M - F 08:00 - 20:00
    • Sa - Su Closed
  • IT Tech Desk in Bennett Library, 3rd Floor
    • M - F 08:30 - 20:00
    • Sa - Su 11:30 - 18:30
  • IT Help Desk in WMC 2622
    • M - F 08:00 - 20:00
    • Sa - Su Closed

Surrey Campus

  • Service Desk in Room 3505, Podium Level 3.
    • M - F 08:00 - 20:00
    • Sa 08:00 - 17:30
    • Su 08:00 - 16:00

Vancouver Campus

  • Service Desk in HCC1300
    • M - R 09:00 - 22:00
    • F - 09:00 - 19:00
    • Sa - Su 10:00 - 17:00

Dining Hall Printing

Students need to contact the Dining Hall Manager for enrollment in the SFU Meal Plan.  

After Hours Help

For Help after hours submit a ticket. Please include the room number and printer, and the error message in the description.  

Why does my printing account show I have money but I cannot print?

Printing balances shown on the Print Release Station reflect a combined total consisting of:



  • Default (department funding)
  • Cash
  • CS FM
  • Dining Hall FM

Print release stations/kiosks only recognize 'Cash' accounts and will not print jobs if there are insufficient funds in the Cash account. Dining Hall FM funds can only be used on the Dining Hall printing.

What is the printing refund policy?

Papercut is smart enough to know when a print job has successfully printed and will automatically refund any pages that it could not print or were not actually printed.

Refunds will only be provided on the following basis:

  • Fading or streaked printer toner. Document has to be produced at time of claim.
  • Lost print jobs due to printer hardware failure where job does not resume printing.

Refunds will not be provided for:

  • Unspent balance on SFU Papercut accounts.
  • Wrong print job or print job settings.

How to request a refund:

  • Log into your Papercut account at
  • Click on 'Recent Print Jobs'
  • Navigate to the print job in question 
  • If your job did not print click 'request refund' and provide a detailed explanation.
  • If your job printed, however the quality is poor, request a refund and bring the document to the nearest help desk for a refund.

Funds will remain in the printing account for one year after graduation after which the print account will be deleted. (Funds in default and Dining Hall account will not be refunded or transferable.)

How do I transfer funds from my printing account?

    Note: Only Cash funds can be transferred.
  1. Enter the amount to transfer.
  2. Enter the person to transfer funds to.
  3. Press Transfer. Funds will automatically be transferred from your account to the other person.

To transfer funds sign in to your Papercut account and select the Transfers link from the left navigation menu. (or go directly to

How do FIC students print using Papercut?

FIC students can print using Papercut system as long as they have activated their SFU Computing ID and have sufficient funds in their Cash accounts.

Dining Hall Printing Information

Students enrolled on a SFU Meal Plan are eligible to print up to 20 complimentary pages per day at Dining Hall.

To download instructions to install PaperCut software for Dining Hall:

·       Dining Hall Printing (Mac)

·       Dining Hall Printing (Win)

The links to the above instructions can be found at:

 “How do I install client and print from my laptop or notebook?”


To verify if you are on the Dining Hall printing list, email : (provide SFU computing ID / email)

Students can print direct to Dining Hall printer. There is no print release terminal at Dining Hall printer.

Dining Hall printer and computer lab printer can both be installed on laptop or notebook. Dining Hall printing funds cannot be used for lab printing.

Printing from other printers on campus requires cash in your Cash Printing account.