BlueJeans Videoconference Bridging Service

BCNET has a contract with BlueJeans, a cloud-based videoconferencing service, to provide high-quality video meetings for faculty and support staff. (Students can book a meeting through their departmental support staff, MECS, or Graduate Studies.)

The BlueJeans bridge allows people to connect with various systems, including traditional videoconference and HD videoconference units, Google Video Chat, telephone, etc between multiple sites.


* Please note that as of January 1, 2014 Skype will no longer connect to BlueJeans (Microsoft has chosen to close up their ecosystem.)

BlueJeans How To

How to schedule a BlueJeans meeting


  • If you're not presenting/talking to the group, it's a good idea to mute the mic at your site. This will reduce background noise and feedback.

Other Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum Meeting Size

  • We support a maximum of 25 connections in one meeting.

Surrey Campus Videoconference Rooms

  • Call on the crestron control pad.
  • Enter the 5 digit code that appears on screen into the bluejeans meeting webpage on your laptop.



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