Vidyoget help

Virtual Campus Infrastructure (VCI Project)

SFU has purchased some Vidyo ports through WestGrid to use for the VCI pilot project.  Additionally, these ports may be made available to other groups.

Vidyo Documents

Vidyo Features

  • Multipoint videoconferencing
    • via web browser plug-in
    • bridging to room videoconference system (polycom, life-size, etc)
  • Simultaneous video & data (presentation ie PowerPoint)
  • Each user can rearrange and resize participant windows on their computer
  • Webcasting (simultaneous to multipoint realtime conferencing)
  • Recording (done within Canada at WestGrid servers at UBCO)

Who is Vidyo currently available to?

  • VCI Project
  • SFU Reserchers
  • IT Services clients via MECS Burnaby (if recording or webcasting is required)


  • If you're not presenting/talking to the group, it's a good idea to mute the mic at your site. This will reduce background noise and feedback.
  • Please don't exceed the number of connections you have booked. To do so, may interfere with other WestGrid members using the service.

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