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SFU offers a webcasting and video recording service for any internal event or meeting at the University. Providing this service helps promote inclusivity by enabling internal stakeholders to reach audiences unable to attend an important event in-person or record an important meeting for future reference. This live streaming service is available at all three campuses and can be booked by SFU staff, faculty, and university partners for meetings and events where staff, faculty, or students are the audience.

The only qualifications for this service are:

  • Must be for an internal SFU audience viewing, and
  • On-site location must have access to power and active hardwired Internet port. 

Our Services

We offer live webcasting and recording of SFU events. Learn more about what are included, how much the service costs, and how to request the service. 

Make a Request

Plan ahead and request the service now. All requests go through Meeting, Event and Conference Services (MECS). A notice of a minimum of 10 business days must be provided for an event to be considered. 

Have Questions?

Have more questions? We are available 9 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Fill out this Get Help form and we will reply as soon as possible. 


What events qualify as being SFU internal events?

Internal events refer to events to be viewed primarily by SFU faculty, staff, and students (i.e. Deans, Departments, SFSS or SFU partners such as APSA, CUPE, etc.). For SFU faculties and departments planning videos or campus-based webcasts aimed at external audiences, please contact SFU Communications and Marketing using the SFU Communicators Toolkit.

Are the services available outside of the regular hours?

Services are available outside of regular business hours, however only with the notice of a minimum of 10 working days. For any services requests before 8:00am and past 10:00pm extra charges may apply.

Can remote viewers interact with presenters via live webcast?

There certainly is an option to have remote viewers interact with presenters via live webcast, however there are many variations on how this can be achieved (i.e. through audio or text chat, if an audience requires the ability to interact or just one person). Specific details can be covered during the consultation phase of your event, and all information on possible supplementary equipment needed to achieve the webcast/recording goals can happen.

Can we have an event at any SFU campus?

The only limitations placed on where a webcast and/or recording can happen is that it requires access to power and a live network port.