Interactive Kiosksget help

This workgroup wishes to make the University more accessible to visitors through technology. Interactive kiosks will be built and deployed in appropriate areas around the main SFU campus, equipped with interactive LCD screens to allow visitors/users access to a wealth of information at their fingertips.

A kiosk will provide the following:

  • Campus wayfinding
  • Directory services
  • Emergency announcements
  • Event information
  • Road conditions & weather reports
  • Room changes & announcements
  • etc.
One of the main focuses of the workgroup is providing a wayfinding solution for the Burnaby campus. Since the campus is a labrynth of interconnecting stairways and corridors, to be able to lead the visitors and new students to their destination is quite the task!
The workgroup is searching for a solution with a good content management features so the University can update the content in house, if not automatically through data feeds from Facilities.


Project Lead:  John Yang, Milad Sakiani



Elizabeth Starr

Bahram Gustaspi

John Yang

Jeremy Rosenberg


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