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The Virtual Classroom / Video Conferencing Working Group, also known as VCVC, is made up a wide range of technical staff from across 3 SFU Campuses.  The Workgroup is tasked with creating audio-visual, IT and network standards for learning and meeting spaces at SFU including but not limited to: active learning environments, virtual classrooms, conference rooms, video conferencing, lecture halls and basic classrooms.  The team is forward looking and constantly challenging the status quo of technology used in classrooms and conference rooms.

Project managers, IT staff, instructor or students are invited to present plans or ideas the group. We will provide feedback and planning support for learning or collaborative environments big and small. We are able to provide resources whenever necessary to SFU projects while keeping the SFU vision in mind.

Some of the larger projects on which the VCVC workgroup has had input:

Fraser International College Discovery 1

Virtual Campus Infrastructure Project
SH1003 Videoconference Showroom
SH2307 Videoconference Room

Standards developed:

Basic Classroom
Enhanced Classroom
Media Rich Classroom
Basic Meeting room

Working Group Members

Leads: Milad Sakiani

Network: Keir Novik, Glenn Davies

Departmental AV/IT:

  • Brian Corrie
  • Corey Kirk
  • Darrin Grund
  • Garth Lauer
  • Howard Leung
  • Jasper Stoodley
  • John Yang
  • Lee Greenough
  • Malcolm Toms
  • Mark Jutras
  • Shelly Sluggett
  • Warren Bandzmer
  • Yogesh Chhotubhai

Meetings and Contact Information

The working group meet one Wednesday of each month.

Contact Us:

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