Software & applications

Online teaching & recording

Real-time teaching, and recording tool available to all instructors

Real-time teaching, and recording integrated in Canvas

Recording lectures from home or on campus

Course management & evaluation

SFU's institutionally supported learning management platform

Grade electronic and paper-based assignments online

A course management system currently used by Faculty of Science

Academic integrity

An online service used to check the originality of papers submitted by students

SFU Software Catalogue 

Microsoft 365

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more


A statistical and analytical software


Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Creative Suite


Analyze data, develop algorism, and create mathematical models

Email & communication

The email and calendaring system supported at SFU

The web application designed to simplify the management of course-related mailing lists. 

Need help?

Technical support

Need help on how to use a tool, or request access to a technology? IT Services will be happy to help.

Pedagogical support

Wondering which tool is better for your teaching? Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE) is happy to help.