Wi-Figet help

Set up SFUNET-SECURE on your devices to automatically connect to W-Fi on all three campuses.

Are you connected to SFUNET-SECURE?

For iOS

  1. Go to Settings on your phone
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  4. Enter your SFU computing ID (What’s this?) and password, then tap Join
  5. Trust the SFU certificate by tapping Trust

For Android

  1. Go to Wi-Fi Settings on your phone
  3. Select TTLS for EAP method
  4. Select PAP for Phase 2 authentication
  5. Select Do not validate for Certificate
  6. Enter your SFU email userid@sfu.ca in the Identity box
  7. Enter your SFU email password in the Password box
  8. Click Connect

For other devices

Set up Wi-Fi on laptops, desktops or other operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, go to sfu.ca/wireless.

Connect to Wi-Fi while travelling

Travelling to other institutions in Canada, Asia, Europe and the United States? Connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network using your SFU email address and password. This is available to all SFU students, faculty and staff at cooperating institutions. Check out sfu.ca/wireless for more information.