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At SFU’s Big Data Hub, we're lowering the barriers for people to engage with big data, and broadening access to the tools, training and consulting they need to leverage big data for teaching, research and work.

The Hub connects our campus community and external partners to big data, no matter their domain, discipline or level of expertise. We bring people together from traditional and non-traditional fields for featured events focused on data-intensive discovery and computation. Our broad range of consulting services are available to help tackle any big data research question. At the same time, we provide hands-on training for the SFU community, and our industry and community partners. From events and workshops, to training and consulting services, the Hub is your one-stop portal to access SFU’s big data services. Find out how we can help you unlock the potential of big data.

Consultation Services at SFU's Big Data Hub

IT Services Research Computing Group

IT Services Research Computing Group (RCG) facilitates access to a number of IT services to best support your research activities, including access to high performance computing installations and large-scale storage solutions.

The RCG supports the research activities of Canadian researcher and their collaborators. Any researcher, not just “big” users, has access to these services, which includes utilization of the SFU Data Centre.

What We Do:

  • Provide expertise regarding specific software packages;
  • Facilitate access to high performance computing installations and large-scale storage facilities
  • Provides assistance in analyzing, designing, and procuring IT software and hardware for projects (subject to staff availability);
  • Provides project management support (subject to staff availability); and
  • Provides assistance with preparing the IT section of grant proposals.

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Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics

The Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics (VIVA) helps people take masses of data in forms that are not often clear and explore it interactively by transforming the data into meaningful visualizations, revealing hidden patterns and problem solutions.

As a multidisciplinary research institute, we promote visual analytics, provide training in visual analytics tools, techniques, and theory, and connect students and researchers with industry to help people from all sectors solve data problems using visual analytics.

What We Do:

  • Provide training on visual analytics tools, techniques and theory
  • Connects students and researchers with industry
  • Work with you to discovery how to visualize data to better deliver research results to your organization

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Statistical Consulting Service 

The Statistical Consulting Service (SCS) provides expert statistical advice to individuals involved in data-based research projects, and facilitates access to a variety of modern computing facilities and software.

Formed in 1980, SCS promotes effective links between academic statisticians and applied researchers across academia, industry and government. SCS operates on a cost-recovery basis. 

What We Do: 

  • Design of experiments or surveys
  • Sample size determination
  • Suggest software for statistical analysis
  • Advise on graphical data summaries
  • Suggest inferential techniques when appropriate
  • Assess study protocols in grant applications
  • Advise on quality assurance and reliability methods
  • Offer short courses

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Digital Humanities Innovation Lab

The Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL) fosters collaboration and interdisciplinarity to promote the development and dissemination of high-quality research that positions SFU as a world leader in digital scholarship.

Located in the W.A.C. Bennett Library at SFU's Burnaby Campus and utilizing meeting space at the Vancouver and Surrey Campuses, DHIL represents an opportunity to align research in the Digital Humanities with the Library’s expertise in digital initiatives, unique special collections and research skill-development programming.

What We Do:

  • Assist SFU researchers with the development of digital scholarship research 
  • Provide research and technical consultations 
  • Provide research software development and technical support to faculty and graduate students 
  • Provide free digital humanities skills workshops 

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Research Data Management at SFU’s Library 

The SFU Library provides a variety of services and support for research data management, including Radar, SFU’s Research Data Repository.

The Library is pleased to support the Tri-Agency Statement of Principles of Digital Data Management by providing a variety of services and support for research data management, including data management planning, and data deposit in Radar and other data repositories. Radar preserves data (tabular, image, audio-visual files, etc.) created by SFU researchers for long term access.

What We Do: 

  • Data management planning and assistance, with a focus on funding agency requirements
  • Workshops and tutorials in data management planning
  • Expertise in data deposit, including deposit into Radar, SFU's Research Data Repository. Radar supports long term access to datasets or other research objects created by SFU faculty and graduate students, for preservation, publication and sharing purposes.
  • Access to secondary data, including datasets, statistics, GIS and maps from providers such as Statistics Canada
  • Research and reference help regarding research data

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Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection

Venture Connection trains future leaders and innovators — young people with the skills, passion and dedication to be the next generation of entrepreneurs.

A cornerstone of SFU Innovates, this university-wide program offers entrepreneurship training services and opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We work in collaboration with all Faculties and departments, as well as with external partners. Since 2008 this unique, ground-breaking initiative has engaged over 4000 participants in its programs, benefited from the support of over 150 volunteers, provided mentorship, business development services, and co-op opportunities to over 150 early-stage startups.

What We Do: 

  • Motivate the SFU community to consider entrepreneurship as a career option 
  • Provide tools and training to build entrepreneurial skills 
  • Expand horizons through on- and off-campus networking opportunities 
  • Help turn ideas into real ventures

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VentureLabs® is a world-class technology business accelerator program delivered by Simon Fraser University in partnership with the NRC IRAP, the BC Innovation Council, University partners including Ryerson University, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the University of Victoria, the British Columbia Institute of Technology, the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, government and industry partners. 

The VentureLabs® BC Venture Acceleration Program – a structured venture growth program led by leading technology entrepreneurs – is based on a defined methodology and set of best practices for growing technology companies.

What We Do:

  • Pair entrepreneurs with highly experienced Executives-in-Residence through the VentureLabs® Venture Acceleration Program – a structured venture growth program. 
  • Assist startup companies in identifying additional mentors, channel and subject matter experts
  • Assist startups in accessing customers and financing sources
  •  Support team building, recruitment strategies, establishing strategic partnerships and key aspects of business development unique to each venture
  • Provide opportunities for business growth and scale-up through access to international markets and soft landing programs, including Zone Startups India, and the C2CAN program.

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Complex Systems Modelling Group

Complex Systems Modelling Group (CSMG) is an inter-disciplinary research group that provides cutting-edge mathematical modelling, business analytics, data analysis and synthesis to public sector clients in BC and Canada.

CSMG offers sophisticated mathematical modeling to provide insights to policymakers and strives to be an asset to governments and the public sector at large.

What We Do:

  • Expertise in merging sophisticated mathematical theories with real-world applications.
  • Model complex systems central to social welfare issues, with particular emphasis on modelling in healthcare and criminology.
  • Discover new insights to aid in transformational public policies.

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An outstanding space offering state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service, SFU’s Big Data Hub is the ideal choice to host your next event or conference.

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SFU’s Big Data Hub supports your big data computing, training and event needs. Connect with us to find out how we can help. 

SFU’s Big Data Hub 
Applied Science Building, Room 10905
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive 
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6 


Phone: 778.782.7064


SFU's Big Data Hub is located on the Burnaby Campus of Simon Fraser University, at the south end of the Applied Science Building, Level 3 (Room 10905).


Directions to East Campus Visitors Parking

  • From Gaglardi Way, turn right onto University Drive East.
  • Turn left onto Tower Road
  • Turn left into the East Parking Lot. 

Walking Directions from Visitors Parking to SFU's Big Data Hub 

  • The Hub is located at the south end of the Applied Science Building, level 3 (Room 10905).
  • Walk west from the East Parking Lot to the Applied Science Building. You will enter on the 9th floor. Walk to the first left. Turn left and walk toward the blue spiral staircase in the middle of the Atrium. If required, there is an elevator on the right side of the staircase.
  • The Hub is directly in front of you when you get to the top of the stairs.

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