This fall: New Certificate in Workplace Rights

July 08, 2019

Labour Studies to launch new undergraduate Certificate in Workplace Rights September 2019.


The world of work is changing - and for some, becoming more precarious. Workers in diverse industries struggle for rights and fair wages that keep pace and young people, including students, often bear the brunt of insecure and low-paid work.

SFU’s new Certificate in Workplace Rights aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience to understand the changes affecting labour markets and become advocates for decent work. Launching in September 2019, this 18-credit Labour Studies program will offer students the opportunity to specialize in labour and employment rights and understand the regulation of work.

“This program offers students from diverse backgrounds and specializations a chance to earn a credential in workplace rights. It not only builds their knowledge of labour markets, the labour movement, and labour and employment law; it also helps them understand their own rights as workers”

- Kendra Strauss, Associate Professor and Director of the SFU Labour Studies Program

The certificate’s focused selection of courses is designed to provide maximum value in 18 credits. In addition to core Labour Studies courses, the new certificate offers the flexibility to pursue interdisciplinary interests through elective courses in areas such as health, business, economics, gender, history, political science, and sociology.

A valuable addition to any degree program, the Certificate in Workplace Rights provides a flexible opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge to be an effective advocate for worker rights. These skills and knowledge can be applied to a range of careers and sectors, and our graduates go on to work in areas like law, policy analysis and research, organizing, management, and education.

View Certificate in Workplace Rights program information and requirements.