Who we are

Learning Experiences Assessment & Planning (LEAP) was formed in 2019 as unit within the portfolio of Simon Fraser University’s Associate Vice-President, Learning & Teaching.

We support the continual improvement of the student learning experience at SFU by gathering student feedback and providing data driven, evidence based recommendations, guidance, and advice about the assessment of quality curriculum and learning experiences.

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Our values

We make an impact: LEAP goes beyond reporting and connects data to needs. We provide insightful, relevant, and actionable recommendations and information.

We work together: LEAP pursues partnerships with diverse stakeholders and leverages expertise within the team. We work openly and cross-functionally to problem-solve, innovate, and build community.

We use evidence-based approaches: LEAP designs, assesses, and builds systems using a methodical, rigorous, and data-driven approach.

We remain agile by reflecting: LEAP works in an ever-changing environment that requires dynamic, adaptive, and responsive solutions. We meet these demands by increasing capacity and seeking continuous improvement, innovation, and efficiency to our processes and work products.

We value well-being: LEAP actively engages in creating a culture that supports positive self-concept, social connectedness, and belonging. We believe that an inclusive approach, one that respects diverse traditions, heritages, ways of thinking, and lived experiences, is at the core of well-being and strive to embed these values in both our team as well as our work.

We act with integrity: LEAP respects individual and community voices by protecting our community members’ confidentiality. We guard personal information through thoughtful collection, storage, and presentation of data.