Our Work

We support the continual improvement of the student learning experience at SFU by gathering student feedback and providing data driven, evidence based recommendations, guidance, and advice about the assessment of curriculum and learning experiences.  We service three main areas:

1) LEAP administers SFU's Course Experience Surveys (CE Suvey).  The CE Survey program collects, analyzes, and disseminates student feedback about their learning experiences in courses. It is intended to capture crucial student feedback and provide voice to students in how they experience academic programs at SFU.

2) LEAP supports the assessment of Educational Goals (EG) at the program and university-level by designing assessment plans, collecting data, and analyzing results. EG assessment provides the university with an opportunity to identify academic strengths and areas of potential improvement. We work with academic units when EG assessment is integrated into the External Review cycle as well as when there is faculty-led interest.

3) LEAP works on short-term research projects that investigate how various learning experiences are impacting students, instructors, and teaching assistants. These projects are often related directly to the Academic Plan or requested by the AVPLT. 

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