Community Engagement

SFU Lifelong Learning works in the classroom and beyond to deliver current and innovative programs that extend the traditional academic work of the university to the larger community.

In addition to providing education programs at SFU, we partner with organizations, businesses, and other community groups to reach our students. By serving mid-career professionals, writers, seniors, new Canadians, international students, marginalized social groups, the regionally remote, and others, we help build stronger, healthier communities.

For details on what we accomplished in 2017–2018, download our annual Community Report. You’ll find endowments that Lifelong Learning manages on page 28 to 29, information about our community engagement work starting on page 20, and a list of SFU Lifelong Learning advisory committees beginning on page 30.

Ongoing programs

Below, you’ll find a sampling of our ongoing programs:

Upcoming public lectures and events

Lifelong Learning has long been a destination for the community to engage in topics of the day through public lectures and events. We invite you to contribute to SFU’s intellectual life by coming to one of our free events.

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Custom programs

We provide customized courses and programs for community groups, individuals and organizations. Contact us at or 778-782-8000 for more information.


Tara Mahoney,
Dialogue and Civic Engagement

Michael Alexander,
Urban Design