Carousel Announcement How-To

1. In your web browser, open the AEM web content management tool (;

2. Download the announcement graphic template file (~ Carousel Announcement Graphic template.pptx) from:;

3. Open the file in PowerPoint, and insert the relevant announcement info in the Title and Body Text cells. Change the bottom graphic if you wish;

4. In PowerPoint, export the file as a JPEG;

5. In AEM, navigate to the webpage named "carousel_announcement" (Department of Linguistics/carousels/carousel announcement) in the WCM webpage. It should be item #1, at the top of the list in the right-hand pane. Note that the page’s name will not match its title, which will reflect whatever the previous announcement’s title was;

6. Right-click the page, choose “Properties”;

7. Click the Basic tab and type the title of your announcement into the Title field. This will display beneath the image in the carousel. If you need to display more text underneath the title, type it into the Description field under “More Titles and Description”;

8. Click the Image tab, click the "Clear" button to remove any existing graphic, and then drag your JPEG into it. Note: don’t try to drag the PowerPoint version here, because AEM only allows graphics files in the carousel;

9. Click the OK button to save changes;

10. You will now see a blue square next to the carousel_annuncement webpage in the WCM. If you are confident that you have constructed the carousel item correctly, click Activate;

11. Double-click the webpage named “Department of Linguistics” to open it for editing. This is the website’s homepage;

12. Right-click the carousel component at the top of the page, choose “Edit”;

13. Click the Fixed List tab, then “Add Item”. Click the magnifying glass button, then select the carousel item webpage you just created. You can change the display sequence of carousel items with the up and down arrows next to each list item;

14. Click the OK button to save change, then activate the newly modified homepage as in step 10;

15. Check your work on the live website, and you’re done!