Graduate Program Regulations & Guidelines

Simon Fraser University Academic Calendar [link ]

  • Academic Dates & Deadlines, Course Outlines, Fees, etc. 

SFU Graduate General Regulations [link ]

  • General regulations for graduate programs at SFU⮯⮯

SFU Linguistics Guidelines for Graduate Students [pdf ]

  • Expectations for graduate students in the Department of Linguistics at SFU
  1. University Regulations
  2. Departmental Regulations
  3. Progress in the Program - Coursework, Thesis, Progress Report
  4. Working with your Supervisor - Regular Contact, Semesterly Report, Letters of Recommendation
  5. Funding - Fellowships/Scholarships, Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, Conference Travel
  6. Research Lab and RA Responsibilities - As a member, as an RA
  7. Research Collaboration and Intellectual Property
  8. Role as a Member of the Intellectual Community
  9. Life in the Department
  10. After Graduation

Regulations for International Students [link ]

  • Enrollment and academic progress must satisfy the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requirements for continued study in Canada
  • Additional guidance on topics such as working in Canada during and after your degree

Qualifying Paper Regulations for PhD students [pdf ]

  • Successful completion of two Qualifying Papers is required as part of the 2nd year of the PhD program
  • One paper may be an aspect of the thesis such as a pilot experiment, while the other should provide breadth for the thesis area of research and for the student's training in general
  • Quality is expected to be at conference proceedings level or higher

Program Completion Time Limit / Extension Policy [pdf ]

  • Graduate students in the Department of Linguistics are expected to complete their degrees within the required time limits as outlined in the SFU Graduate General Regulations:  
    • MA - 9 semesters
    • PhD - 18 semesters
    • Parental leave, medical/compassionate leave, academic break do not count towards time limit
    • Personal leave will count towards the time limit
    • Extensions will only be granted under extenuating circumstances, and must be supported by the student’s senior supervisor, and approved by the Linguistics Graduate Studies Committee and Dean of Graduate Studies.