"My love of linguistics is rooted in my experience working with spectrograms and waveforms. I am amazed by the quantitative parameters of speech sounds and I hope to contribute to this area of research."

Sylvia Cho

PhD Student
BA - Linguistics, SFU
MA - Linguistics, Seoul National University

Acoustic phonetics, speech perception, speech processing, neurolinguistics

Sylvia Cho, raised in Burnaby, BC and completed her undergraduate degree in Linguistics at SFU. Following completion of her BA, Sylvia went to Korea for her MA studies in Linguistics at Seoul National University, where she was able to immerse herself in the language and culture of her parents' home country. Sylvia joined the PhD program at SFU in 2015.
Passionate about research and having followed the work of SFU Linguistics' faculty, Sylvia knew she would return to SFU to pursue her PhD and work alongside faculty who share her research interests. Sylvia's research looks at speech perception and all the mechanisms and processes that affect this process. Her main goal is to widen our understanding of how people understand and parse the highly complex acoustic signal.
If Sylvia is not engaging in her research, she may be found watching The Simpsons and making soy candles.