MFD Print/Copy Limits

If your account track code has a limit on the number of printed pages it is allowed to generate, here are some usage tips.

  • The number of pages you have remaining in your allowance always shows on the BizHub console, near the upper-lefthand corner. The display shows this information in the following format:

                    NumberOfRemainingPages (TotalNumberAllowed)

  • You can also view your page limit information remotely by pointing your web browser here:


            Log in with your account track code and click "Function Permission Information" in the lefthand pane.

  • Always check the number of remaining pages against the number of pages you will need for your print- or copy-job. Jobs will start, but not complete, if the number of pages required exceeds the number of pages remaining under the limit.
  • Note that both print jobs sent from your computer, and photocopies made at the BizHub, count against the limit. Scanning to PDF or TIFF files does not.