Mac Antivirus Protection Guidelines

Given the recent threat to Mac users presented by the Flashback trojan, it would be good practice for all of us Mac users to take some the same protective measures that our Windows-using brothers & sisters have been using for years.

First and foremost, ensure that your operating system is configured to automatically accept and install software updates from Apple. To check this, open System Preferences and click Software Update. Make sure the checkbox labeled "Download important updates automatically" is checked, like so:

Next, you should have antivirus software installed and running on your Mac. This is especially important if you are running older versions of the MacOS, because Apple does not issue automatic security updates for older versions.

If you are using a University-owned Mac (excluding those purchased with professional development funds), you can use Trend Micro as provided by IT Services (email lingtech-at-sfu-dot-ca for details). Otherwise, any of the major antivirus software vendors would be a good choice. Tip: you might get a lower price from the SFU Microstore, which sometimes offers academic market pricing for this type of software.

As with the Apple software update function, be sure to configure your antivirus software to accept and install updates from the vendor automatically. Also, be sure to configure the software to scan all new files for threats, and to perform regular scans of your files & directories (at least weekly).