How-To: Print to BizHub via Adobe Reader/Acrobat

When attempting to print a pdf file from within Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat running on MacOSX, the application will open its own print dialogue box, which offers different options from the standard MacOSX print dialogue box. A print job sent to the BizHub printer from the Adobe dialogue box, however, will not print unless the following steps are performed.

In the Adobe dialogue box (see above), click the "Printer" button in the lower-left corner. In the resulting message box, click the "Yes" button.

You will then see the MacOSX print dialogue box (see above). Click the "Print" button in the lower-right corner. If your print driver is configured to prompt you for an account track code, enter it into the popup dialogue box and click the "Ok" button.

You will then be returned to the Adobe print dialogue box. Click the "Print" button in that box, and you print job will then print on the BizHub. Despite your having clicked 2 "Print" buttons, your print job will only print once.