How-To: Projector & Network Connections in Saunders Room (RCB 7402)


1. Locate the white Sony remote control (usually stowed in the lectern);

2. Locate the black VGA video cable in the northwest corner of the room;

3. Connect VGA cable to the video output socket on your computer (an adapter might be needed);

4. Push the green power button marked "On" on the remote (status light on projector will flash green). Note that the "Standby" button is also green, but actually turns the projector off;

5. The green status light on the projector will flash for ~1 minute, then glow continuously;

5. If your computer's desktop doesn't appear on the projector screen, verify that:

  • your computer's video settings are configured to enable external video display;
  • your computer is not sleeping/hibernating;
  • all connections between your computer and the VGA cable are secure;
  • the projector is powered on, with the status light glowing green continuously.

6. If your desktop still doesn't appear, push the "B" button on the remote.

7. When you are finished using the projector, push the green "Standby" button on the remote.


All wifi networks are available (SFUNET-SECURE, SFUNET, EDUROAM). Wired ethernet is also available through the 2 sockets nearest the lectern (on the panel labeled 009-7403-7402-09), in the northwest corner of the room.

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