Printing PDFs on BizHub with Mavericks

As of January 2014, Konica Minolta has not published a driver for using BizHub multifunction printers with Mac OS-X 10.9 (Mavericks). The driver for the previous version of Mac OS-X (10.8, aka Mountain Lion) will work with Mavericks, but several finishing options are either hidden or unavailable.

One option that is currently unavailable is the Account Track feature, which the department uses to control/document all print jobs sent to the BizHub 501 in RCB 9102. So far, it seems that Account Track is only unavailable within some applications, and the only one of these commonly used in the department is Apple Preview, for viewing/printing pdf documents.

If you try to print to the BizHub from Preview on Mavericks, the print dialog box will show the names most of its finishing options in strikethrough text (see figure below):

Sending a print job from this dialog box results in no printout, or if using pop-up authentication to enter an account track code, the pop-up dialog box never appears.

Until Konica Minolta provides a corrected driver for use on Mavericks, the workaround is to use Adobe Reader instead of Apple Preview. To print using this workaround, open your pdf document in Adobe Reader, then choose "Print" from the File pulldown menu to open Adobe's print dialog box:

Click the "Printer" button on the lower left to open the Mac OS-X system print dialog box:

You may then send the print job to the BizHub from here. If you are using pop-up authentication to enter your account track code, the pop-up dialog box will open at this point.