Event: Connections in Discrete Mathematics

June 24, 2015

A major international conference on discrete mathematic that gathered some of the most prominent mathematicians from across the world was recently held at SFU.

The Connections in Discrete Mathematics - A celebration of the work of Ron Graham Conference took place from June 15 -19, 2015 at the Burnaby Campus.

The conference was co-sponsored bt the Department of Mathematics and was held in celebration of the work of Ron Graham, a world renowned mathematician that was instrumental in making discrete mathematics to be among the most vibrant research fields in the contemporary mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics was well represented at the conference, a testimonial of the leading role that our department plays in the field. Attendees included faculty, current mathematics graduate and undergraduate students, as well as more than a dozen of our former students, post-docs, and visitors.

The success of the conference could not have been made possible without the dedication and hard work from our group of volunteers.

Further acknowledgment goes out to Masood Masjoody, an SFU mathematics, Ph.D. candidate, who assisted Dr. Donald Knuth, the creator of the TeX computer typesetting system, to prepare and deliver his presentation during the conference banquet.

Pictured below:

Picture 1,  Manfred Trummer, Chair of the Department, presenting Dr. Ron Graham with an SFU Mathematics t-shirt.

Picture 2, Department of Mathematics volunteers: Bianca Ng, Anton Iatchenko, Maxwell Miler, and Koen van Grivenbroek.

Picture 3, Dr. Donald Knuth and Masood Masjoody