three minute thesis

Math M.Sc. Tara Petrie wins runner up in 3 Minute Thesis Competition

March 21, 2018

Department of Mathematics M. Sc. student Tara Petrie won the $150 runner-up prize while competing in the Faculty of Science heat of the 'Three Minute Thesis' competition that took place on Monday, March 7, 2016.

The competition challenges graduate-level students to explain their research in a compelling and succinct format with the goal of inciting enthusiasm. "Being able to communicate your process of inquiry in a clear and compelling way, no matter what stage you are at, can help you win grants, land jobs, and generally enhance the impact of your work on the world," according to the Three Minute Thesis website.  

Tara’s winning presentation was titled “How should I fold my laundry?” and used the analogy of pairing coloured socks that are hanging on a clothes line to describe how she successfully used combinatorial mathematics to solve a problem from biology about how RNA molecules can fold.

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