George Bojadziev, Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Mathematics and Physics · University for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Sofia · 1957


Research Interest

My research interest is focused on control strategies applied to population dynamics and robot manipulators. It is based on ordinary differential equations; phase-space study, Liapunov stability, bifurcation, control, and numerical simulation. In population dymamics ecological and bioeconomical systems are subjected to changes due to various causes which leads to undesirable large fluctuation of the size of the populations (consumers, resources). This may trigger in general two types of responses: 1) the populations may change their behavior abruptly in order to damper the fluctuations; 2) human influence from outside the system may be imposed to restrict the fluctuations of the populations. The control objective is finding behavioral policies that result in dampening large fluctuations of populations in bioeconomical systems. Robot manipulators can be modeled as kinetic chains of connected material links. The manipulator has to reach and capture targets in specified work space coordinating its links and avoiding collisions with stationary or moving objects. This requires the establishment of coordination strategies based on adaptive control laws.