Veselin Jungic, Teaching Professor

Ph.D. Mathematics · Simon Fraser University · 1999

SC K10530 | 778-782-3340

Research Interests

Most of my work is within Ramsey theory and the field of mathematics education.

Ramsey theory can be described as the study of unavoidable regularity in large structures. In the words of T. Motzkin, "complete disorder is impossible". Together with J. Fox, M. Mehdian, R. Radoicic, and J. Nesetril, I started a new trend, which can be categorized as rainbow Ramsey theory. I am interested in the existence of rainbow/hetero-chromatic structures in a colored universe, under certain density conditions on the coloring. The general goal is to show that complete disorder is unavoidable as well.

My interests in the field of mathematical education include use and creation of online assessment tools and techniques in teaching large math classes.