C Y Shen, Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Mathematics · Oregon State University · 1967

Ph: 604-808-5969 | Fax: 604-683-8789



Research Interest

My research interest lies in the development of efficient algorithms to perform large-scale computations in electromagnetic wave propagation, with emphasis on applications to scattering, radar imaging, and microwave heating in radar absorbing materials or biological tissues. The issue of numerical convergence and error estimation is also investigated. This numerical work is often complemented by the necessary theoretical analysis on electromagnetic wave phenomena, which typically involves potential theoretical techniques, integral equations, partial differential equations, and functional analysis.

Current Research

My most recent research involves the development of efficient algorithms to extract high resolution radar images from segmented and incomplete data. Computer codes based on these algorithms have been tested on supercomputers to yield good results. These techniques, although developed primarily for radar imaging, can also be adapted to use in medical imaging.