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APMA 990 - Mathematical Image Processing and Analysis

This course will introduce students to a number of problems in imagine processing and describe how they can be solved using modern techniques based on the calculus of variations and partial differential equations. More...

APMA 935 - Spectral Methods and Finite Elements

This course is a mathematical introduction to spectral methods and the finite element method. The emphasis will be on both the analysis and the implementation of
these methods. More...


MATH 441/741 - Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic geometry is the study of the solution sets of systems of polynomial equations. More...

MATH 495/795 - Differential Geometry: Curves - Surfaces - Manifolds

This course is a mathematically rigorous introduction to the fundamental notions in differential geometry: curves, surfaces, and abstract differentiable manifolds. More...

Mathematics 600-Level Courses

MATH 603-4: Foundations of Mathematics *
MATH 604-4: Geometry *

* These courses cannot be taken toward Mathematics MSc or PhD program requirements

Mathematics 700-Level Courses

MATH 701-3: Computer Algebra
MATH 708-3: Discrete Optimization
MATH 709-3: Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization 
MATH 716-3: Numerical Analysis II
MATH 718-3: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 719-3: Linear Analysis
MATH 724-3: Applications of Complex Analysis   
MATH 725-3: Real Analysis
MATH 739-3: Algebraic Systems
MATH 740-3: Galois Theory
MATH 741-3: Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
MATH 742-3: Cryptography
MATH 743-3: Combinatorial Theory
MATH 745-3: Graph Theory
MATH 747-3: Coding Theory
MATH 748-3: Network Flows
MATH 761-3: Continuous Mathematical Models   
MATH 762-3: Fluid Dynamics
MATH 767-3: Dynamical Systems
MATH 770-3: Variational Calculus
MATH 795-3: Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH 796-3: Selected Topics in Mathematics

Mathematics 800-Level Courses

MATH 800-4: Mathematics: Selected Topics
MATH 801-4: Computer Algebra
MATH 808-4: Advanced Linear Programming
MATH 817-4: Groups and Rings
MATH 818-4: Algebra and Geometry
MATH 819-4: Algebra: Selected Topics
MATH 820-4: Graph Theory
MATH 821-4: Combinatorics
MATH 827-4: Discrete Mathematics: Selected Topics
MATH 831-4: Real Analysis I
MATH 833-4: Analysis: Selected Topics
MATH 841-4: Topology: Selected Topics
MATH 842-4: Algebraic Number Theory
MATH 843-4: Analytic and Diophantine Number Theory
MATH 845-4: Number Theory: Selected Topics
MATH 846-4: Cryptography
MATH 875-0: PhD Preliminary Examination
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MATH 876-0: PhD Comprehensive Examination
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MATH 877-1: Supplementary Reading
MATH 879-0: PhD Thesis Proposal
MATH 880-6: MSc Project
MATH 888-0: Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination: Operations Research
MATH 890-0: Practicum I
MATH 891-0: Practicum II
MATH 894-2: Reading
MATH 895-4: Reading
MATH 896-2: Introductory Seminar
MATH 898-6: MSc Thesis
MATH 899-12: PhD Thesis

Mathematics 900-Level Courses: Applied and Computational Mathematics

APMA 900-4: Asymptotic Analysis of Differential Equations
APMA 901-4: Partial Differential Equations
APMA 905-4: Applied Functional Analysis
APMA 912-4: Advanced Partial Differential Equations
APMA 920-4: Numerical Linear Analysis
APMA 922-4: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
APMA 923-4: Numerical Methods in Continuous Optimization
APMA 929-4: Selected Topics in Numerical Methods
APMA 930-4: Computational Fluid Dynamics
APMA 934-4: Selected Topics in Fluid Dynamics
APMA 935-4: Analysis and Computation of Models
APMA 939-4: Selected Topics in Mathematical Image Processing
APMA 981-4: Selected Topics in Continuum Mechanics
APMA 982-4: Selected Topics in Mathematical Physics
APMA 990-4: Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics
APMA 995-0: PhD Oral Candidacy Exam