Teaching Assistantships

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The Mathematics Department appoints Teaching Assistants in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement between TSSU and SFU.  In hiring Teaching Assistants, the Mathematics Department gives priority to the applicants in the following order:

1.  Qualified graduate students registered in the Mathematics Department under XIII F.3.1.i.
2.  Qualified graduate students registered in other departments under XIII F.3.1.ii.
3.  Qualified Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA) or qualified External Teaching Assistants (ETA) under XIII F.3.1.iii.

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Teaching Assistants in the Department of Mathematics may handle tutorials associated with courses in which the lectures are given by regular faculty members, may be assigned to workshops servicing one or more first- or second-year courses, or may be given marking assignments.

TAs with tutorial section duties work under the supervision of the faculty member teaching the associated course. Such TAs are responsible for leading the tutorial sections, holding office hours during which students may seek help with the course material, grading homework assignments, and invigilating and grading examinations.

TAs assigned to workshops work under the supervision of the Workshop Coordinator in charge of their workshop and have regularly assigned hours at their workshop, where they help students understand material dealt with in the courses associated with that workshop. In addition each such TA grades some of the homework assignments and has invigilating and grading duties for some of the examinations for courses using that workshop. Normally, new graduate students are first assigned to work as a TA in a workshop.

TAs with marking duties work under the supervision of the faculty member teaching the associated course, or under the supervision of a workshop instructor if the courses involved are handled through a workshop. This type of assignment involves marking of homework papers and marking examinations only, and does not require direct contact with students. A limited number of such assignments are available; TAs who are given such duties because of poor English language ability are expected to improve their English quickly and then be moved on to tutorial or regular workshop duties.

An average semester's workload for an individual with a full TA appointment (5.17 base units) is 205 hours over 14 weeks. One base unit = 42 hours of work.

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