Dan Benvenuti

BSc in Math (Combinatorics and Optimization) from the University of Waterloo (2005)

MSc in Operations Research from SFU (2008)

Current Position: Sr Manager, Process & System (BlackBerry Ltd.)

My time at SFU was invaluable to furthering my career. Optimizing processes is a crucial part of any large corporation and the mathematics program at SFU helped me develop the skills to excel at solving situational problems. The supportive professors guided my learning to achieve my academic and professional goals. In particular, my supervisor was extremely attentive and drove me to perform quality mathematics research. The experiences and time spent at SFU are some of the best years in my life.

The Surrey campus at SFU offered a sense of community that I have not found elsewhere in my academic career. The relationships between the faculty and students is very close-knit which fosters an environment of respect, growth and friendship. I am fortunate to have been situated at Surrey while at SFU.

Managing workloads for studying, teaching, marking and researching also formed the basis for juggling schedules later in life. I have represented Canada in Ultimate Frisbee at two major World Championship events. In doing so, I rely on the time management skills established during my graduate degree.