Jeff Wiens

Current Position: Software Engineer at MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA)

PhD in Applied Mathematics at Simon Fraser University (2014)

MSc in Applied Mathematics at Simon Fraser University (2011)

BSc in Physics and Computer Science (Combined Major) at University of Victoria (2006)

Studying applied mathematics at SFU has been a major highlight, both personally and professionally, in my life. SFU has provided me with a solid education and countless enriching memories. My experiences at SFU has helped me break through many glass ceilings in my professional career.

What I appreciated the most about the applied mathematics program was the diverse academic atmosphere. As for myself, I came into the program with a background in physics and computer science with professional experiences as a software engineer. Many faculty and students had similar experiences in other scientific disciplines. The accumulative result is an education and research program that is relevant both inside and outside the mathematics community.

The applied mathematics program provided me with many opportunities to be engaged with the program outside the classroom. As a student, I attended weekly problem solving sessions, CFD Research Group meetings, and applied mathematics seminars. I also received financial support to attend workshops and conferences outside of SFU. Two big highlights for me were the HPC Summer School that I attended in Budapest, Hungary and the Mathematical Modeling in Industry workshop that I attended in Guanajuato, Mexico. SFU provided me with the experience that I required to receive a NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship and SFU Provost Prize of Distinction Scholarship. These scholarships removed the financial hardships of attending graduate school and allowed me focus on my studies.

After completing my PhD, I was hired as a Software Engineer at MDA. I am currently working on the ground system for the Radar Satellite Constellation Mission operated by the Canadian Space Agency. From here, my plans are to move into the research & development group at MDA.