Mariolys Rivas

BSc at Universidad Central de Venezuela (2006)

MSc in Mathematics at Simon Fraser University (2010)

PhD in Mathematics at Concordia University (2014)

Current Position: Mathematics Teacher at Marianopolis College, Montreal

My Master's degree at Simon Fraser University was one of the most enriching experiences in my personal and professional life. SFU made it easy for me to adapt to grad school and at the same time to a new city and country far from my hometown. This experience has made me a more confident individual when adjusting to new professional settings. SFU's activities and seminars were very helpful in making me feel welcome, and getting to know its vibrant environment. The courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics were diverse, engaging, and taught by exceptional professors. I love my supervisor and mentor Marni Mishna, who was always there to help me during those two years. I am very lucky to have graduated from Simon Fraser University.