Ross Churchley

Current Position: SAP Labs Vancouver

PhD: Simon Fraser University (2017)

MSc: University of Victoria (2012)

BSc: University of Victoria (2010)

My time at SFU was productive, rewarding, and full of learning experiences. Working with the research groups here taught me a lot about graph theory, academia, and the research process; I'm particularly grateful for the insights of Bojan Mohar, Matt DeVos, Marni Mishna, and Pavol Hell. I also learned from many visiting researchers through the math department's weekly discrete math seminar and met new colleagues at conferences.

Over the course of my doctoral studies, I was given a number of opportunities to prepare for a career in industry. Events like the Research Bazaar and groups like the Scientific Programming Study Group helped me practice my coding skills. I learned tools like Git which I could apply in my day-to-day research as well as my future career. Finally, the PIMS-IMA Mathematical Modeling in Industry workshop gave me some important practical experience that helped me decide on my career path and successfully pursue it.

• • •

During his time at SFU, Ross was also involved in the following ways: 

- Developed a new official LaTeX thesis template
- Co-organized the Discrete Math Seminar
- Delivered professional development workshops about HTML/CSS and LaTeX
- Held the NSERC CGS-D scholarship
- Held the Dean's Convocation Medal