SFU-CMS-PIMS Burnaby Math Camp For Students

Mon, June 24th - Fri, June 28th, 2019



Due to construction, navigating campus is challenging this year.

Having trouble locating C9051? Call 778-782-3059 or 778-990-8906 for help!



The 2019 Burnaby Math Camp starts at 9:00 on Monday, June 24th in the the Trottier Studio For Innovative Science Education (C9051), at the SFU Burnaby campus.  Acitvities run every day from 9:00 until 15:00.

The SFU-CMS-PIMS Burnaby Math Camp is a day camp, and students are responsible for their transportation to and from the camp each day.

2019 Camp Schedule

Topics from the 2018 Camp


If you enjoyed building hexastix, you may want to explore the following links:   

The Magic of Geometry

Math Camp T-Shirt Design Contest

CMS announced the contest for a design of the 2019 Math Camp T-shirt.  Designs should be unique, math related and inspired.

You can submit files in PDF format to mathcamps@cms.math.ca

Proper Clothing and Supplies

Please dress appropriately for BC weather: we will have a hike to the Burnaby Mountain Part Monday afternoon, and will be walking outside to the SFU Dining Hall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Remember to bring your water bottle every day.  Bring a calculator and writing utensils.


Lunches and snacks are provided.  In consideration for the environment, please bring your water bottle with you to the camp.

Buses, Parking and Maps


For those travelling by bus, remain on the bus until the final bus loop (near Cornerstone building). This is the closest stop to the Science building where the Trottier Studio is located.


Short term (paid) parking is available in front of the Cornerstone Building.  For those looking for just a place to quickly drop-off and pick-up participants there is space at the western edge of the East Parking lot (one level down from Cornerstone parking).  See the link to the interactive campus map on the left.

Campus Map

An interactive campus map and colour pdf map can both be found HERE


  • Invitation Letter
  • Paper Nomination

If you've received an Acceptance Letter from the Math Department, you may now complete your Registration HERE.