Math Symposium Poster Competition


The SFU Mathematics Department invites undergraduate and graduate research students to participate in the SFU Symposium on Mathematics and Computation Poster Competition. Postdocs and faculty can also present a poster but are not eligible for the competition.

The only requirement is that the poster has mathematics in it. It can be applied, pure, computational or experimental mathematics. Posters you’ve prepared for other competitions are eligible and computer demos are possible.


Posters will be judged in two categories: graduate and undergraduate. Judging is based on content and presentation. Prizes are awarded for the winner and best runner up.

Submission Details:

Poster titles must be submitted via the online registration form. Presenters are responsible for printing their own poster.

Display Details:

The posters will be displayed at TBA. Poster presenters can set up their posters as early as 9:00am on TBA.  The poster and demo session will take place from 11:15am to 1:15pm.  Awards will be made at 4:30pm, followed by a presentation of the winning undergraduate and winning graduate posters.


Poster Title Presenter(s)
HIV Epidemic in a Sex Worker-Client Contact Network Nicola Mulberry APMA - Math, SFU
Optimizing Nurse Schedules at a Community Health Centre Samantha Zimmerman Operations Research - Math, SFU
Newton Polygons and Negative Curves Wesley Chorney
Irredicuble Quadratics over Zn Robyn Hearn Department of Math & KEY Big Data
Semi-automated Genome Annotation with State Space Model Bowen Chen Computational Biology
Prediction of Antibiotic Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis using Machine Learning Guo Liang Gan School of Comupting Science
Quaternion Algebras and the Burkhardt Quartic Eugene Filatov Mathematics
The rooted Single-Cut-or-Join median with single-gene duplications Aniket Mane Mathematics
PathOGiST: Calibrated multi-criterion genomic analysis for public health microbiology Matthew Nguyen Computing Science & MBB
Force-Velocity Relationship in 3d Muscle Model Ryan Konno Mathematics & BPK
Fujita's Conjecture on Vector Bundles over Elliptic Curves Alexandre Zotine Mathematics
Speeding up Dualization in the Fredman-Khachiyan Algorithm B Nafiseh Sedaghat Computing Science
The Effects of Transverse Compressions on a 3D Muscle Model
Cassidy Tam Mathematics & BPK
The rooted SCJ median with single gene duplications Aniket Mane Mathematics
Sparse techniques to speed up multivariate factorization Baris Tuncer Mathematics
PathOGiST: Calibrated multi-criterion genomic analysis for public health microbiology Sean La Mathematics
Swarming in Bounded Domains: numerics for the zero-diffusion limit Daniel Messenger Mathematics
Inference of Introgressive Hybridization in  Anopheles Mosquito Genomes Jingxue Feng Statistics & Actuarial Science
A duality-based method for identifying elemental balance violations in metabolic network models Hooman Zabeti Computing Science
Deep Learning, Adversarial Perturbations and Stability. Einar Gabbassov Mathematics
Hensel Lifting Dense Bivariate Polynomials Garrett Paluck