Teaching Faculty

Brenda Davison Lecturer

Brenda Davison initially studied electrical engineering and worked as an engineer for twelve years. She returned to the university setting to pursue further studies in mathematics - specializing in understanding its historical development. Her research interests are in mathematics education and the history of mathematics, with an interest in how the historical development of mathematics can inform and enliven current mathematical education.

Malgorzata Dubiel
Senior Lecturer

Malgorzata Dubiel is dedicated to teaching mathematics at all levels, to all ages, in all kinds of settings, from classroom to market place. An educational leader and a 3M National Teaching Fellow, Malgorzata Dubiel’s outreach work has transformed the teaching of mathematics and math readiness throughout the entire province.

Justin Gray Senoir Lecturer

Justin Gray is dedicated to make math better experience for his students. He is one of the Canada's leading experts in using online tools to assess and understand the level of students’ mathematical knowledge.

Veselin Jungic
Senior Lecturer

Veselin Jungic is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics, SFU, and a Deputy Director in the Interdisciplinary Research in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (IRMACS) Centre. Most of his work is within Ramsey theory and the field of mathematics education. In 2007 he was a recipient of the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

Natalia Kouzniak Senior Lecturer

Natalia Kouzniak is determined to help her students achieve their education goals. Well known for her outreach activities and involvement with high school math teachers and students. Natalia Kouzniak received a PhD in mathematical and physical sciences, specializing in the mathematical theory of elasticity.

Petra Menz
Senior Lecturer

Petra Menz is committed to teaching mathematics at the undergraduate level. In her role as instructor, she shows enthusiasm for mathematics, using a variety of teaching strategies to support her students' learning, establishing a supportive environment with high expectations, and encouraging student feedback. She has come to understand that learning is life-long and that reflection can bring about change. She continuously picks up valuable information from research in education as well as mathematics and seeks opportunities to apply this information to her own teaching.

Jamie Mulholland Lecturer

Jamie Mulholland’s research interests are within number theory and the field of mathematical education. His interests in the field of mathematical education include use of technology and creation of new technology     tools in teaching large math classes. In 2011 he was a recipient of both the SFU Faculty of   Science Excellence in Teaching Award and the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award

Randall Pyke Senior Lecturer

For Randall Pyke mathematics is both a tool and an art and he tries to bring out these aspects in his teaching. Involved in the Operations Research program at the Surrey campus and with many years teaching courses on fractals, dynamics and analysis, he appreciates both the beauty and the usefulness of mathematics. He is happy to talk to students about all aspects of their mathematical education, including applying the theory they've learned in their mathematics classes to particular problems in their field of study.