Recent Theses

Copies of most theses are available on SFU SUMMIT.


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
MSc Maryam Zarrinderakht Numerical Simulations of a Multiscale Model for Maple Sap Exudation J. Stockie


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
MSc Kevin Chow Linearly Stabilized Schemes for the Time Integration of Stiff Non-linear PDE's    S. Ruuth
MSc Raymond Walsh Interfacial Numerics for the Mathematical Modelling of Cloud Edge Dynamics D. Muraki
PhD Argyrios Petras The Closest Point Method for the Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations on Moving
S. Ruuth
PhD Ali Nadaf Robust Chaos in Two-Dimensional Discontinuous Maps with One and Two Switching Manifolds R. Wittenberg
MSc Reem Bolis Agent-based Modelling of Nest Site Selection by Bees and Ants R. Fetecau
PhD Sonoko Nakano 4D Reconstruction of Dynamic Studies with the Discovery NM 530c SPECT Camera Sr: M. Trummer
Co: A. Celler


Degree   Student Name
Thesis Title
M.Sc. Nathan King             Solving Variational Probelms and Partial Differential Equations
Mapping Between Manifolds via the Closest Point Method
S. Ruuth
Ph.D. William Ko Parametric Resonance in Immersed Elastic Structures,
with Application to the Cochlea
J. Stockie
M.Sc.       Natalia Iwanski Fast Direct Integral Equation Methods for the
Laplace-Beltrami Equation on the Sphere
M. Kropinski      
M.Sc. Jeremy Chiu Mathematical Model of Thermoregulation in Honeybee Swarms Sr: J.F. Williams
Co: J. Stockie


Degree   Student Name
Thesis Title
M.Sc.  Reynaldo Artega Laplace-Beltrami Spectra as 'Shape-DNA' of
Surfaces using the Closest Point Method
S. Ruuth
M.Sc. Colin Exley An Agent-Based Approach to Modelling
Chronic Offenders
J.F. Williams
Ph.D.   Jeffrey Weins An Efficient Parallel Immersed Boundary Algorithm,
with application to the suspension of flexible fibers
J. Stockie
M.Sc. Xin Yang Modelling and Numerical Method for State-
Dependent Diffusions
P. Tupper
M.Sc. Andrew Adams Using Viral-Dynamics to Connect Clinical Markers
of Disease Progression to Sequence Evolution
duiring HIV-1 Infection
R. Wittenberg
M.Sc. Clinton Innes Quantifying the Effect of Open-Mindedness on Opinion
Dynamics and Advertisign Optimization
R. Fetecau
M.Sc. Lee Safranek Analysis of an Age-Structured Model of
Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia
N. Nigam
M.Sc.  Nathan Sharp Barycentric Rational Interpolation and
Spectral Methods
M. Trummer


Degree   Student Name
Thesis Title
M.Sc. Haowen Fang Two Dimensional Immersed Boundary
Simulations of Swimming Jellyfish
J. Stockie
Ph.D. Sudeshna Ghosh The Immersed Boundary Method for Simulating
Gravitational Settling and Fluid-Shear-Induced
Deformation of Elastic Structures
J. Stockie
M.Sc. Bamdad Hosseini Dispersion of Pollutants in the Atmosphere:
A Numerical Study
J. Stockie
M.Sc. Yi (Eric) Zhong The Spectral Domain Embedding Method for 
Partial Differential Equations on Irregular Domains
S. Ruuth
M.Sc. Amir Taghavi Spectral Methods for the Semi-Infinite Line M. Trummer 
Ph.D. Kevin Mitchell Rossby Wave Propagation in the Tropics and 
D. Muraki


Degree Student Name
Thesis Title
M.Sc. Gordon Hiscott Age-Structured Population Models in Cyclical
Neuropenia: A Numerical Investigation
N. Nigam
M.Sc. Bao (Bill) Yuanxun On the Parametric Instabilities of Internal Gravity
Waves in a Density-Stratified Fluid
D. Muraki
Ph. D. Chiaka Iheoma
Mathematical Modelling: From Novice to Expert J.F. Williams
M.Sc. Justin Joseph
A Nonlocal Kinetic Model for Predator-Prey
Interactions in Two Dimension
R. Fetecau