Recent Courses

For current courses, please consult the Undergraduate Timetable or the Graduate Timetable.   To view which courses are offered in Odd/Even years in Spring/Summer/Fall Terms, see Offerings.

The following is a list of the courses relevant to studies in Number Theory.

Graduate Program


Undergraduates interested in learning Number Theory can take MATH 342 Elementary Number Theory, which serves as a general introduction with minimal prerequisites. However, because research in Number Theory requires techniques from many areas, we encourage students interested in continuing in this area to take a broad spectrum of courses from our curriculum. For further guidance, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor.

Here is a sample of undergraduate research in Number Theory that has been done recently.

Richard Lei A Sieving Approach to S-Unit Equations NSERC USRA Report 2011
Robert Shih Plotting Plane Algebraic Curves Containing Singularities in Sage NSERC USRA Report 2010
Karin Arikushi Elliptic Curves with isomorphic 3-torsion over Q NSERC USRA Report 2005