Asif Zaman

2010 Recipient of Governor General's Silver Medal for Academic Excellence

NSERC Award holder
SFU undergraduate student, Mathematics Honours



NSERC Project: Rebookings in Acute Healthcare: A Queueing Theory Model (Supervisors: Peter Borwein, Sandy Rutherford (IRMACS))

Project (Full Report (PDF))

This project primarily focuses on the effect of rebooking booked elective (BE) admissions to hospitals. The principal aim is to determine how various access thresholds for BE admissions relate to the number of hospital beds. The most applicable access threshold is the percentage of patients who are rebooked. To encapsulate the necessary information and dynamics of a hospital, we will formulate a queueing model of the situation. Initially, we investigate an analytic approach to the problem using a number of methods: direct, iteration, and Taylor series expansion. Using these results, with given parameter values, we numerically determine access thresholds for BE admissions. Finally, we compare these results with simulations and perform a sensitivity analysis of model parameters.