Yuanxun Bill Bao

NSERC Award holder
SFU undergraduate student, Mathematics and Computing Science Honours



NSERC Project: Visualizing Systems of Differential Equations in 3-Dimensions (Supervisor: Michael Monagan)

Visualizing Systems of Differential Equations in 3-Dimensions

My 2009 NSERC USRA project is about designing a software for animating dynamical systems in 3-Dimensions for Maple, a world-leading mathematical software. The project offered me an invaluable hands-on experience about what academic research really is. I worked under the supervision of Professor Michael Monagan, who is well-known for his great contributions to Maple software. During the 4-month project, I developed research skills in both mathematics and computing, and most importantly - how to present my work in terms of research posters and presentations. Thanks to our Department of Mathematics and my supervisor, my work was successfully presented at the 16th Canadian Undergraduate Math Conference in Ottawa and the annual CECM day at SFU. This NSERC USRA project has strengthened my interest in mathematics and computing, and reinforeced my desicion of pursing graduate studies in the future.