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MACM 316
Numerical Computing: Discrete Tools for a Continuous World

Many computing algorithms used in science and technology are based upon the fundamental mathematics of calculus and linear algebra. Modern computing environments include these tools as part of their built-in library of routines. It is essential that users understand these algorithms for purposes of benchmarking implementations, selecting among multiple variants, and identifying limitations or failure modes.

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Game Theory

What do Chess, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, and Rock/Paper/ Scissors have to do with competing businesses, and Evolutionary Biology? All of these are elements of Game Theory, a rich subject with great relevance for real world decision making.

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MATH 341
Algebra III: Groups

Groups are possibly the fundamental structure in algebra. They pop in all sorts of different fields from geometry, analysis and combinatorics to far flung fields like physics and chemistry. Understanding these fundamental objects is essential for learning further mathematics in many areas.

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Seminar in Classical & Modern Analysis

Math 381W is a "seminar" course, though how much like a real seminar it is will depend on enrolment. It will be \a writing and presentation intensive study" of topics in analysis in which students will read and prepare written and oral comments on material in the mathematics literature. In this course, we will look at a combination of original source materials (as in, things written by famous mathematicians when they were inventing things), expository presenta- tions (including but not limited to textbooks), and (a little) recent literature.

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MATH 402
Operations Research Clinic

The Operations Research Clinic is unlike any math class you have taken before. You and your team will apply your skills to analyze problems of current local interest.

Students in this course have produced the winning project in the national Canadian Operations Research Society’s undergraduate student paper competition, in 4 of the past 8 years.

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MATH 440
Galois Theory

... provides a link between fields and groups,
... answers questions about solvability of polynomial equations,
... is a corner stone for modern algebra,
... suties objects via their automorphism groups,
... is the first example of a very powerful technique that gives deep results in number theory, topology, geometry, and combinatorics.

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FAN and MACM Courses

  • FAN X92-2 - STT - Foundations of Analytical/Quantitative Reasoning II
  • FAN X99-4 - Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning
  • MACM 201-3 - Discrete Mathematics II
  • MACM 203-2 - Computing with Linear Algebra
  • MACM 204-2 - Computing with Calculus
  • MACM 300-3 - Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata with Applications
  • MACM 316-3 - Numerical Analysis I
  • MACM 401-3 - Introduction to Computer Algebra
  • MACM 409-3 - Numerical Linear Algebra: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications
  • MACM 416-3 - Numerical Analysis II
  • MACM 442-3 - Cryptography
  • MACM 498-3 - Special Topics in Mathematics and Computing Science

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