Belmont Secondary School, Langford, BC

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


The Math Catchers Outreach Program visited the Coast Salish territory in Langford B.C.  Dr. Veselin Jungic and Lindsay Clifton had the opportunity to meet with 3 advance math classes from grades 10 and 11 at Belmont Secondary School.  We spent about an hour in every class and we had the chance to build hexastixs with the students.  Every student in the beginning of every class never thought they could make the hexastixs because they thought it was too complicated and hard but, by the end of the class we had every student finish their hexastixs and the students got to take their hexastixs home.  The students were so proud of themselves and amazed by their hexastixs when they were finished making it. The students loved their experience of making hexastixs.  Hopefully we showed the students math isn’t all about the numbers and math is fun, and they will continue with their education in math.  It was fantastic to meet all the amazing teachers and students at Belmont Secondary School.  We would like to thank Samantha Harvey for inviting us to your school to have fun with your advance grades 10 and 11 classes. We had a great time. (LC)



"As always, the students really enjoyed the activity. One student gave the pencils to her mom (a teacher) for Mother’s Day. Many students described it as “Epic!” “Awesome!” “Real geometry!” and are looking forward to more activities like this one. It was a great opportunity to inspire them and build enthusiasm, especially at a time in the year when focus and energy start to wane.

Thank you again for another great visit, and thank you to Sam for helping organize this opportunity."