Belmont Secondary School, Langford, BC

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Due to popular demand, Math Catchers were back to Belmont Secondary School in Langford, BC. Veselin met with one Grade 9 and two Grade 10 classes of smart and curious students. Students shared with Veselin their post-secondary education plans and found out that the word LOVE can be the solution of a mathematical puzzle. As it is our Belmont tradition, the main activity of our workshops was to learn how to build a hexastix.

Thank you Ms. Katie Gaetz, Curriculum Coordinator, NA'TSA'MAHT Indigenous Education, for your kind invitation and Ms. Kelly, Ms. Flemming, Mr. Hughes,  and Mr. Jaswal for your hospitality.



"Thanks for visiting us at Belmont yesterday and sharing your expertise. I found it particularly lovely watching the students engage with your problem solving activities!"