College Heights Elementary School, Prince George, BC

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Math Catchers Outreach Program visited the Dakelh territory in Prince George B.C.  Dr. Veselin Jungic and Lindsay Clifton visited College Heights Elementary School where we had the chance to meet the grade 5/6 split class for the afternoon.  We introduced the students to our fun math puzzles and the Mobuis strip.  The Students were surprized to learn that you can see the Mobuis strip everywhere, the symbol for recycling is a Mobius strip. The students were shocked to learn that there is only one side to the Mobius strip.  We had the students draw a picture on one side of the strip of paper and draw a line down the centre of paper.  Then we had them flip the paper over and draw a different design on the other side of the paper and then draw a line down the centre again.  After that we had the students turn that strip of paper into a Mobius strip.  We had the students put their finger on one of the objects and then follow the line till they hit the other object and that is when they realized it was one sided. The students enjoyed making the Mobuis strips.  It was great to meet the teacher and students of College Heights Elementary School. We would like to thank Marie Fanshaw for inviting us to visit your school.  We had fun.