Goldstone Park Elementary

Goldstone Park Elementary School, Surrey, BC

Math Catchers visited Goldstone Park Elementary. In the words of Ms. Lindsay Boxma, our host:

"Thank you for the wonderful morning! The students really enjoyed their time with you.

I asked my students to reflect on the 4 following questions and have copied and pasted some of their answers. I’d love to have you visit again next year if you have time!

All the best,


1. What was the most memorable part of Dr. J's presentation?

  • the most memorable moment would be when we made the mobius strips. The reason is that it was nice to have fun while also doing math at the same time
  • the most memorable part of Dr. J’s presentation was a tie between Daisy‘s game and the möbius strips. I found it really cool how with the Möbius strip activity you were so sure the paper would turn out one way but it ended up looking completely different from what you thought was going to happen. With Daisy’s game, it really fun trying to fig out the right answer and the logic that was behind it.
  • The most memorable part of Dr. J’s Presentation was when he was talking about his brothers cat and which door his cat went through each day. It was a really good tricky riddle which I thought was good.

2. What did you learn from Dr. J?

  • Something that I learned from Dr. J is that your brain sometimes plays tricks on you so, answers that are literally right in front of you seem much farther away. I also learned that in order to fully get an answer you need to fully understand the logic behind it.
  • I learned that there is more than one way to solve a problem. I learned this by when we were doing a problem, I thought that I was going to be solve one way, but it turned out that it was a different way.
  • I learned from Dr.J was that you have to look at the riddles in a different way, because it teaches you two different perspectives of the riddle. Which helped me learn more about math.

3. What are you still curious and want to know more about from Dr. J?

  • Something that I would like to learn more about is how the fibonacci circles work because although it is really interesting, they are also really hard. I was surprised that the answer to the first one was the logo for Twitter.
  • I would like to know how to make a few more different types of mobius strips. I think it would have made it more fun
  • I still want to learn a lot about the Fibonaccis circle. I want to learn what else that theory has created. He really told us that all these circles are math.

4. What do you think Dr. J should do to improve his presentation?

  • Something that Dr. J could have explained more not really much on anything because he made all the concepts sound really clear and simple. It was easy to understand and really fun to learn
  • I think it would have been nice if he told us how long it took to make those stretchy things. It would have also been nice if he had told us what the stretchy thing is called.
  • I think Dr. J could have explained a bit more about the riddles he was teaching us, because I got a bit confused on some of the riddles. But he still had done a great job."