Heffley Creek Elementary School, Heffley Creek, BC


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Math Catchers Outreach Program visited the Secwepemc territory in Heffley Creek B.C.  Dr. Veselin Jungic and Lindsay Clifton went to Heffley Creek Elementary School where we visited the kindergarten to grade 3 class.  While at the school Dr. Jungic got to catch up with the previous coordinator and friend Noreen Pankowich as she was the teacher.  While in Noreen’s class we did math puzzles, watched a movie and play with math toy.  The students were quite interested in our presentation because they all seemed to love math.  When we brought out the math toys they were pretty interested in the hexasticks and were wondering how to make them and when they could make one of their own.  We told them they would have to wait to be in high school to make one.  Hopefully we made these kids love even more they already do. It was great to see Noreen and meet her students in Heffley Creek Elementary School.  We would like to thank Mike Bowden for inviting us to visit your school.  We enjoyed our time in your school.  (LC)