Hume Park Home Learners, New Westminster, BC


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Math Catchers visited Hume Park Home Learmers School in New Westminster, B.C. Veselin met with Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5, and Grades 6-8 classes. We had a lovely discussion about mathematics, students' plans for the future, a cat named Daisy, and math magic!

Thank you Ms. Gillian Gunderson for your kind invitation to visit  Hume Park Home Learmers!


"Hello Veselin,

Thanks, once again, for coming to our Centre and sharing your passion for math with our children.

We have made a donation to the Math Catcher program through the online option.

I am attaching a document that contains comments from our students.  Each “group” of bullets is a different student.  The students range in age from grade 2 to grade 8.  As you can see, they really enjoyed the experience.

We hope we have the opportunity to work with you again."


Math Catcher Reflections

·      The Mobius strips were really cool

·      I’m thinking now about going to SFU because they also have a really good dance program

·      It was fun, I really enjoyed it


·      It was great

·      It wasn’t really about math – well, it was but it wasn’t thatsort of math

·      I liked the way he did the puzzles

·      The Mobius strip activity was fun

·      It made me think about careers

·      It was different than I expected (better)


·      The problems were good because they looked hard to begin with but then there was a simple solution

·      Most kids don’t like math so they weren’t really looking forward to it but it ended up being really fun because it wasn’t math math, it was real-life math

·      He was really funny – he didn’t just talk in a boring way


·      It was really good even though it was a bit slow at the beginning because there was a lot of talking

·      He needed to explain why the Mobius strips were math


·      It was really cool 

·      The Mobius strips were lots of fun but I would have liked to know more about why they were so crazy

·      I would also like to know more about the shapes at the end – it would have been good to learn something about them

·      He worked really well with everyone and I liked his accent


·      Maybe a bit shorter when talking about SFU

·      I liked how he didn’t give the answers – he let everyone say answers and he didn’t say “this is this” and “that is that”

·      The car problem was really fun


·      It was really fun

·      I liked that I asked if we could do another multiplication question and he had the number puzzle and some people figured it out and others didn’t and that was OK

·      The rabbit puzzle was really good because you can count things you can’t see


·      I liked it

·      I really liked the puzzles

·      It was really messing with my brain! (Mobius strips)

·      I would recommend the workshop


·      I felt like he sometimes did didn’t provide enough explanation of what to do (the Mobius strips needed explanation about how this is math)

·      It was a really good experience


·      It was good

·      I liked the hands-on Mobius strips and puzzles

·      The SFU conversation was interesting


·      It was fun!

·      The games and hands-on parts made math fun

·      I learned about bigger numbers (I didn’t know there were numbers larger than a billion)

·      The SFU conversation was good because I want to go to university

·      I would recommend it